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DM Vault for Keys from the Golden Vault (D&D)

DM Vault for Keys from the Golden Vault (D&D)

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If you ask the realm’s top rogue masterminds what the most important element is for a successful heist of a well-guarded vault, the first thing they’d tell you is your map.

Introducing the perfect DM toolkit for challenging your players to execute one or more of the 13 heist adventures in Keys From the Golden Vault™.

Tucked into an enigmatic in-world Golden Vault assignment folder you’ll find:

  • 13 Player Maps: These in-world maps get handed to the players to help plan each heist
  • 13 DM Maps: Pulled from the book and annotated to include an at-a-glance Map Key for the DM
  • 6 Battle Maps: We’ve chosen six areas where a boss fight is most likely and provided beautiful, scaled battle maps
  • 13 In-world Call-to-action letters: These artist-rendered letters can be handed to the players as the start to each heist, introducing them to their patron and immersing them in the quest at hand
  • 9 additional In-world handouts: High-quality clues and details found within the adventures themselves that can be handed to the players to create a memorable moment

This is a new kind of product for Beadle & Grimm’s because it doesn’t include the adventure itself. So get this DM Vault now to go with your Keys from the Golden Vault™, and start your epic heist adventures!

[SPOILER!] See how the Golden Vault puzzle folder works: Puzzle Explainer Video

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I like all the made up hand outs maps ...


It looks great. Haven't used it yet but the team is excited by the preview I showed


This is absolutely amazing!! It has all the supplemental material and props you could ever need to successfully run the adventures in the Dm vault!! This is WAY worth it and a must get addition to the adventures!!