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Player's Journal

Player's Journal

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You are starting an adventure. And since you seem to be short of the coin required to have a personal bard to record your travels and turn them into song, we humbly offer this journal.

Between its covers are pages that, had you been able to afford a bard, they surely would have used to record your most heroic moments:

Section 1: My Character
A certifificate of Birth, from which most good adventures begin.

  • About your Character—Name, backstory, history, and, most importantly, your ever-growing kit. Creatures or people that may travel with you, or that you may turn into, or might otherwise contribute to your adventuring. Any promises, pacts, or otherwise poorly thought out oaths you may have made on your travels. your home—Plans for your castle, keep, temple, or spaceship...wherever you place your hat after a long adventure.
  • Session Zero planning to make sure that you and your fellow adventurers are aligned on how the game will be run.

Section 2: The World
Track ancient History & recent events, plus everything about Countries, Cultures, and Peoples that you should know.

Section 3: Locations
Places you've explored, passed through or (kind of) heard about.

Section 4: People & Creatures
Memorable friends, enemies & frenemies (memorable if you write them down). Plus, track lesser acquaintances & things.

Section 5: Adventures
Almost 100 pages of session logs and maps.

Section 6: Campaign Recap
We can’t write a song for you, but this is where you record your best momentsand how the world was changed by your triumphs, defeats, and near misses.

Section 7: Appendices
Safety tools, and, our favorite things, Generators! Generate backgrounds, relationships, and creatures! Plus, customizable generator generators (patent pending); A certifificate of Death, a place where most adventures end (this may be in reverse order if your adventures include tentacles and elder gods, but so be it).

At the end, whether your adventure was heroic, tragic, comic, or some combination of the three, you’ll have a tale you can turn to for years. And, should you come into sufficient coinage, good material for an epic song.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Toulon Rouge
Detailed Journal

The elegant hardcover. Stylish dragon foil art. Very detailed book with a section for just about everything you can imagine. The one bone I have to pick is that it needs a wiser section for character attributes, skills and basic character sheet info.

Everything is nice as I think it is great for tracking character progress and story points. If you have OCD when it comes to organization this is the book for you. It does a lot. It balances utility with ease of carry. A much larger book in a perfect DnD world would have everything. The folks at Beadles and Grimm did a superb job and after collecting a lot of character journals as well as making my own, it is a worthy addition. No regrets and I may get a second one.


These are magnificent for players who like to keep track of everything.

Brandon Trlak (The Grizzly Master)
An Incredible and Well Designed Player Resource

The Beadle and Grimms Players Journal is nothing short of incredible, inspiring, and motivating for players as the build their characters, tell their stories and leave a legacy of adventure. The stylish cover to the amazing layout is stunning. Beautifully crafted and designed, this is a resource I have gifted to so many players and have suggested to so many others to purchase. If you’re a player who wants to tel your favorite characters story this is the journal for you.