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Soul Coin

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Coin of the realm, as it were.

Don’t visit hell without it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keith Phemister
Sinisterly memorable

My players in Descent into Avernus have not gotten to the war-machine chapter yet, but they are collecting a few of these. Having a physical object of this level of craftsmanship has set their imaginations alight. I can't wait to see their faces when the other shoe drops and they realize what a Soul Coin is, and what it's used for

Patrick Duggan
Very Worth It

Well made and a great piece for a player prize or even marking characters “under contract” or otherwise cursed during play. Great value for the quality workmanship as well.

Ryan McLeod
Almost to scale

I love this, its got some nice weight to it.
My only complaint is that its not 100% to scale as mentioned in the book (but you maybe dont want it to be).
Its missing an inch in width and depth and I checked, theres also no soul inside!! D:

Turns out putting an actual human soul inside it broke a whole set of international rules. And an inch thick would have been impossible to ship! But most devils will still take it in payment...

Heavy metal

This thing is big. And heavy. It has been known to break floors and toes if dropped. You have been warned.
And I am not saying that it comes with a soul inside. But I am not saying it doesn't either.

Polo Ibarra

The pictures and information provided does not do it justice... it is great to feel the weight, size and material of this coin.
Wonderful. Fully satisfied.