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Tal'Dorei Claret Order Pin (Critical Role)

Tal'Dorei Claret Order Pin (Critical Role)

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The Claret Orders is an underground organization consisting of practitioners of hemocraft magic, such as blood hunters and blood clerics, whose primary mission is to protect those who cannot protect themselves from fiends, undead, and other shadowed monsters. When it's time to pick sides in that war, flash your allegiance with this 2.5" long pin. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scott Parrish
Tal'Dorei Claret Order Pin

I’m enjoying the pin.
The butterfly clasp on the back was broken but I had a spare.
Still very happy with the item.

Broden Sullivan-Lesch

Tal'Dorei Claret Order Pin (Critical Role)

Even though hemocraft skeeves me out

Well made pin and very evocative for what it represents. A drop of blood and a cross/sword for blood hunters, blood clerics, and practitioners of hemocraft. Could be used for anyone who likes to hunt devils and fiends in any setting.