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Valor's Call Badge (D&D)

Valor's Call Badge (D&D)

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The noble adventuring party known as Valor’s Call was founded by Strongheart, a resolute human paladin committed to destroying evil wherever it rears its ugly head. Strongheart alone determines who can become a member of this prestigious group. Strongheart is always on the lookout for courageous heroes who are willing to devote themselves to a good cause.

When you're ready to heed Valor's Call and venture forth in the name of righteousness, this is your badge!

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Customer Reviews

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Jacob Dally
A true badge of honor!

This one is of great personal significance to me. Not only can your character join the ranks of Valor’s Call, but you can too! I love Strongheart the Paladin, he is my favorite character from dnd lore and it feels absolutely enchanting to wear the badge of his band of heroes, feeling like he himself chose me because he saw the potential in me. I will always wear this one proudly.

Great Memento

I bought five of these to hand out to my players as they encounter members of Valor's Call in Witchlight. It's a great souvenir!
And please note, the image doesn't do it justice. The image looks like some of the blue color spills over in places. That is not the case with the six I have.

Wonderful product

Another amazing, quality product from B&G - a fine addition to the collection!!